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How to bounce back after easter



I'm sure many people over indulged over the easter weekend- for most this meant more food, more calories but less 'nutrition'.

This will leave a lot of people feeling bloated, heavy and lethargic. This lethargy can largely be attributed to extra sugar and alcohol, both are high in calories but low in other vitimins and minerals and cause blood sugar to raise and lower dramatically.

This blood sugar roller coaster is difficult to get off causing you to reach for the chocolate, coffee and soft drinks. To stabilize your blood sugar and there for energy you need to go back to basics, focus each meal on high quality protein a large portion of veg and a small amount of carbohydrate.
Meals of this sort will help give you steady energy through the day leaving you feeling lighter looking healthier and much more energetic.

top tips after easter-
Throw out left over chocolate, sweets etc.
Increase veg portions
If you need a pick me up during the afternoon, grab a piece of fruit or a few nuts not a chocolate bar.
Get your 8 hours- sleeping properly reduces cravings
Exercise- people tend to make better food and lifestyle choices when they exercise.


By Danny Burke