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Absolute Blogging is a place you can find all sorts of useful information that will keep you informed on tips and advice in keeping your body mind and soul in the best shape possible. In addition our in house DJ LMBB (Little Miss Beat Box) bringing you Ab

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Why don't Londoners walk up escalators??







Shit it grates me. Like really niggles me!!

For me, escalators are there for the elderly, heavily pregnant, disabled/injured and to help us speed up our commute time. Yet the majority of Londoners aren't capable of walking their own bodies up a flight of MOVING stairs!

The development of technologies is one of the greatest achievements of our species, and what sets us apart from others in the natural world. However, allowing these technologies to interfere with our natural function and taking some people to, what was once unimaginable, poor health is one of the saddest side effects.

The fact that it is now normal and acceptable for people to stand on moving walk ways, or drive a block to purchase take always (often with out getting out of the car) is why we (in the western world) have the highest ever levels of lifestyle diseases. You've all heard it time and time again. Heart disease, cancers, diabetes and on and on the list goes, all related to diet and sedentary lifestyles. Yet STILL people stand on escalators!!

How are people not making the connection?!?! This is not putting on gym clothes, or paying to see a trainer or trying to find the time. All it is is putting one foot in front of the other!


Here's some basic facts you might not know about the body. If you don't use yours muscles they weaken and tighten. Weak muscles and tight muscles equals pain. When you move your body it burns energy. The more you move it, the more it burns. Your body stores energy as fat (it is very good at doing this due to our evolutionary history i.e. food used to be much harder to find). Too much fat is bad for your health (and for the vain ones, your self esteem). So let me do the maths for you. Too much energy in (food and drink) and not moving, equals poor health. 

Now to those who stand on escalators, and do not have any of the viable reasons above (and don't give me the excuse that you might trip. I've tripped many times. I've stubbed my toe, scrapped my shin, but I've got another fact about the body, it heals.) I say, you have lost any right to complain about your body, or your health. Oh what? You are sick again? You have a fat bottom? You stand on escalators. Self inflicted.


p.s. Absolute clients, don't let me catch you taking the lift up to our studio!!!


written by Nick Morrison


"I don't want to get too big"

strong skinny


At the start of classes I have clients choose their hand weights. I usually already know who can hold a plank for longer than I can (instantly blacklisted) and who can hold a squat for a whole season of ‘Lost’, yet I still see so many clients choosing the lightest hand weights available! I know you can manage more than that, so why go so low!?

Unfortunately the stereotype associated with women and heavy weights is that of oiled up bodybuilders, chunky limbs and a loss of femininity…it is highly incorrect and such a waste of a great opportunity.

FACT – Women don’t really get big! The body requires Testosterone for muscle growth (hypertrophy) and women have an incredibly low amount of this (10-30 x less than males). There’ll be no hefty muscles in sight, instead lean muscle and reduced body fat.

FACT – Increased muscle mass in the body increases the resting metabolic rate. The more muscle you own the more calories you burn throughout the day. Yes that includes sitting on the sofa and sleeping! For every 1lb of muscle you gain, you burn 35-50 more calories a day (without trying). It seriously adds up.

FACT – Lean muscle takes up less space than fat pound for pound. This means that as you turn fat into muscle your clothes will fit better, the body will slim down and again you will NOT get bigger! 

FACT – There is no dispute that Cardiovascular work burns a large amount of calories however weight training burns more calories in the body in the 24hrs following. Think of the long term benefits!

FACT – Opting for heavier weights in your session can burn twice as many calories as if you pumped half the weight twice as many times!! So 8 reps with 4kg weights burns twice as many calories as 16 reps with the 2kg weights – use your time wisely!!

FACT – Weight training improves bone density and mass which can seriously reduce the risk of osteoporosis as well as injuries! There are also studies suggesting it can help the fight against Diabetes as it increases insulin sensitivity.

FACT – Ever wanted to get a smaller bum so taken up running/cycling, to go and find instead you lose a cup size in your bra? Cardio work won’t target areas whereas weight training can be more specific! Speak to your trainer for help with this. 

So how does this work in class? 

*Don’t let yourself get comfortable.

*Bring a few sets of weights with you in case you want to change during the exercise.

* Listen to your body, if by the end of an exercise you didn’t feel it where you were supposed to, remember next time to use heavier weights or heavier springs. 

*Don’t be embarrassed to rest during exercises, you need to bring the muscle to fatigue, you should aim for the point where you couldn’t eek another rep out. 

It’s no myth; muscle does weigh more than fat. Throw away the scales and use the fit of your clothes as your guide.

                               Strong, not skinny, is sexy!

By Hollie Grant