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Absolute Blogging is a place you can find all sorts of useful information that will keep you informed on tips and advice in keeping your body mind and soul in the best shape possible. In addition our in house DJ LMBB (Little Miss Beat Box) bringing you Ab

How Can Pilates Help Me In Pregnancy?


Pilates strengthens your tummy, back and pelvic floor muscles without straining other joints, so it's a great exercise to do when you're pregnant. Some research suggests that doing pilates regularly can be as effective as doing pelvic floor exercises.

Check that your pilates instructor is experienced and trained in teaching pregnant women, and try to choose a pilates class that's for pregnant women. 

The main benefit of pilates is that it targets the exact muscles and functions that can be a problem during pregnancy and after birth, in a safe way. 

Doing regular pilates will help to:

  • Strengthen your tummy muscles, which equips your body better to cope with the strains caused by the weight of your growing baby. Hormones make the tissues (ligaments) that connect your bones more pliable in pregnancy, making you more prone to injury.
  • Reduces back pain, by exercising the deepest tummy muscles that stabilise your back and pelvis. Weak muscles can lead to back or pelvic pain.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor, which will help to support your bowel, bladder and uterus (womb) as your baby grows and moves down. This may prevent you from leaking small amounts of wee when you cough or sneeze.
  • Helps with balance, as you may feel a little more clumsy, or that your balance isn’t as good as usual, in pregnancy. Pilates exercises strengthen your core and may make you more stable when you walk as your bump grows.
  • Takes the strain off your back and pelvis, by using positions such as going on your hands and knees, which is a great position for pregnancy. Towards the end of your pregnancy, it may also help to get your baby into the right position for the birth
  • Relax and control your breathing, which is important for pregnancy and labour.


Approved by the Baby Centre Medical Advisory Board


Pilates - Sport's Worst Kept Secret?




For years Pilates has been in the press as the exercise of choice for various models and actresses. However more recently you may have seen more and more sports people and teams revealing the importance Pilates plays in their training regime.

Athlete's incorporate Pilates into their training for many reasons- Durability- reducing injuries/ recovering quicker. By addressing postural issues through Pilates, athletes can avoid many common injuries. A common postural issue is an anterior pelvic tilt, this is often caused by tight hip flexors. This in turn shorterns the lower back muscles and brings the hamstrings into a stretched positon, leaving both vunerable to injuries. Releasing the hip flexors will help bring the hips in to a more neutral position, reducing strain through the back and hamstrings.

Weak or inhibited glutes (Bum Muscles) are often to blame for (and the key to 'rehabing') many back, knee and ankle problems.Dynamic pilates not only strengthens glutes directly, but progresses into more ‘functional’ exercises. This helps train the muscles to work correctly throughout common movement patterns in many sports, for example lunges squats and lateral movements.

Increasing body control/ proprioception using the reformer challenges the body in different ways, whether that’s using the moving carriage or the spring loaded loops. Either way control is paramount.

The machines give more feedback to the athlete than the weights, machines or mat workouts. This feedback helps build awareness of where the limbs are in relation to the rest of the body, which muscles are working and how to activate the ‘correct’ muscles.

The motor patterns are fine tuned over time and are directly transferable to the gym, pitch, court course or track! increasing power output The body cannot generate powerful movements from a position of instability. The increased core and limb stability associated with Pilates helps athletes channel and maximise their power.The extra stability through the hips and core can allow athletes to generate power from more unorthodox positions.

A lot of exercises in Pilates are unilateral (one sided), generating strength and control in unstable positons even through an athletes ‘weak’ side. It could be said that the above issues are more prevalent in recreational sports people. This can be due to an ever increasingly sedentary work life. Training and playing for a couple of hours each day teamed with 12 hours sat on the phone/ at a computer/ on a train/plane is the perfect recipe for tight and/or weak muscles, poor posture and muscular imbalances.

This makes it even more important to include Pilates based training into their regime to avoid injury and to aid optimal performance.

By Danny Burke 


A Farewell Message from Nick...

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Dear Absoluters It is with mixed emotions I write to you all thanking you for the wonderful 2 years I have had at Absolute. I am hugely thankful for my time there, I am sad to say goodbye to so many awesome people. Yet I must admit, I am full of excitement for my adventures ahead. Without a doubt, what has made Absolute such a brilliant 2 years for me, is the people. Such a great bunch of clients who come in and give it there best, who are keen to learn, and keen to improve. Loads of smiling faces (as well as some great expressions of pain), and friendly people who made Absolute a very happy work place. So for that, I thank you all. Also to my colleagues at Absolute. I want to publicly thank you all for helping make Absolute such a great place to work and an great place to work out. You guys are the best. I have participated in and trained many forms of exercise over the years I’ve been in the fitness industry, and I am unashamedly a huge fan of the reformer pilates classes. They allow for safe yet challenging workouts that concentrate on the major, and most common, problem areas for people in the western world. With small numbers in the classes you get a high level of supervision, and with others in the class you are motivated to do more than you would on your own. I have seen so many people improve their postures (which does so much more good for your body than just looking good!), improve their flexibility, strength and overall function. A body the functions correctly, looks amazing!! So I say to you Absoluters, keep it up! Because our modern lives involve so much sitting, our bodies constantly need to be stretched and pulled in the opposite direction and our abdominals, glutes (bums) and upper backs need to be engaged. You do this in every class at Absolute. I know change can be hard at first, but that is life. And all the trainers at Absolute are of a very high quality. Try the trainers you haven’t already, and give them some time to settle in. And where you can, please provide feedback so they are aware of any areas they need to improve on. To those of you I have been able to say goodbye to, thank you for your kind words, it is a great thing to hear that one’s work is appreciated. To those of you I haven’t I apologise, but I wish you all the very best. Moving forward I will be sharing my ideas and thoughts on health, travel and well being through my blog and website, and my Facebook page And for those of you who enjoyed the music I played in my classes, you can find me on Spotify. Search Nick Morrison. If you aren’t on Spotify just send me and email, and I will send you the names of artists and songs you are interested in. Thanks again Absolute, its been a blast. Nick P.S. Always take the stairs and never stand on escalators!!!